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“It is really a joy to hear the sighs of relief and the thankful words from my clients – This is why I became a massage therapist!” – Jing Liu

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Stephen B.
Jing is very professional and has a genuine care for her clients. Her attention to detail and ability to find my "trouble" areas without even telling her exactly where to concentrate is amazing. She is knowledgeable and seems to enjoy what she does which is nice energy to be around. I am so happy to connect with her again at her new location!"
Abstract of the symbol for yin and yang with asian calligraphy.
Genbook Review
"Jing Liu believes in the philosophy expressed in the name of her practice: massage to health. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, Jing believes massage is one of the ways we can keep ourselves healthy. In addition to a health-giving massage, Jing cautions against over-exercising and demonstrates ways to keep tight muscles limber between appointments. Give her a try! She is excellent!"
Abstract of the symbol for yin and yang with asian calligraphy.
Genbook Review

Jing Liu | Massage-to-Health

1019 8th Street
Suite 108
Golden, CO 80401
Cell: 720-519-7085

Jing Liu's Journey to Massage Therapy

I graduated with a bachelor's degree from Shen Yang Pharmaceutical University's School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Liaoning, P.R. China. I was a successful athlete for the university, and massage therapy was an integral part of our training sessions and daily practice routines. After graduation, I worked in Chinese Medicine manufacture and then as a pharmaceutical sales representative to medical doctors. More recently, I had received mentoring in Tuina and Acupressure massage from a Chinese practitioner.

After moving to Colorado, I certified as a dental assistant. However, after some time and on further reflection, I missed the sense of satisfaction in helping others through massage therapy, my long-time interest in Chinese Medicine, and having control over my own business - which I couldn't experience as a dental assistant. Therefore, I went back to the classroom again in Denver and licensed as a massage therapist with Colorado.

After assisting other massage practitioners part-time, I decided it was time to go on my own to better control my practice and the therapeutic benefits to my clients.

I have since studied techniques from notable massage therapists, such as Ruthie Hardie and Dr. Erik Dalton. I have perfected my unique style and integration of massage therapy techniques for over 10 years in my full-time practice.

My massage therapy practice incorporates both eastern and western approaches and integrates those approaches to solve specific problems.

Jing & Leo Skiing Copper Mtn

When I'm not working in my therapy practice, my husband Leo and I often enjoy outdoor activities together, such as alpine skiing and ice skating during the winter months, hiking, biking, and roller skating, and Nordic skating during the warmer months. We both enjoy cooking; mine is more Chinese influenced, and his cooking is more Italian influenced.

This website results from a collaboration between my husband, Leo, who manages the website, and me. He works as a real estate agent. You can click the link below to learn about real estate and Leo.

Jing Liu recommends Michele Yates (Successful Ultra-Runner and Degreed Fitness Professional) for Fitness and Running programs
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Track Photo At University
Roller Skating Kendrick Lake Sunset
Roller Skating - Kendrick Lake
Jing Nordic Skating Sloan Lake
Nordic Skating - Sloan's Lake
Jing waving after fall on skiis
Happy Ski Day - Copper Mtn.