In my Golden massage therapy practice, most of my clients are seeking relief from back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, and muscle pain.

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Michele Yates
"Once again PHENOMENAL
As a professional athlete, I don't trust my body to just anyone- Jing knows what she is doing and has the talent and abilities to heal. Highly recommended!"
Abstract of the symbol for yin and yang with asian calligraphy.
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Ven Narayanan
"Jing Liu massageI have been undergoing massage treatments with Jing regularly for the past 3 years for my back pain and it is helping me greatly. I find Jing to be a very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate professional adjusting her treatments to my specific needs ( 88 years old ) Jing is far superior to others whom I had tried earlier. I will continue my massage with Jing. I recommend Jing very highly without any reservations. I Ven"
Abstract of the symbol for yin and yang with asian calligraphy.
Genbook Review

Jing Liu | Massage-to-Health

1019 8th Street
Suite 108
Golden, CO 80401
Cell: 720-519-7085

My Golden Massage Practice - Benefits of Massage


For the convenience of my clients, my Golden massage therapy practice is now located a few blocks north of Clear Creek Whitewater Park, south of Highway 58, and west of Washington Avenue. Remax is the main tenant in the multilevel building – You’ll see their sign on 8th street. My office is on a daylight lower level, in Suite 108. Please see my location page for information about the exact location, easy access, and parking.

I have had the honor and pleasure to work with many local Golden and surrounding area residents since 2012, from the young to the old, and with athletes, both professional and casual.

I design my therapeutic massages around each client’s needs combining eastern and western modalities to reduce pain, and stress and speed healing.

From my experience, different applications of Ashiatsu massage are often very well adapted to treating these common conditions, as well as, Acupressure and Deep Tissue techniques.

Certainly, massage is not a substitute for medical care; however, many common problems can be effectively treated by a skilled massage therapist, and massage therapy can be used in some cases as an adjunct to medical treatments.

A massage research study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, on July 5th, 2011, found that a series of 10 weekly massage treatments led to a more rapid improvement in chronic lower back pain than the usual treatments for two-thirds of the study participants vs one-third using the usual care. The data suggested the massage benefits lasted up to 6 months.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, a successful approach must not only involve the treatment of the symptom but most importantly the root or cause of the problem – In fact, it is the root that is given the most importance.

For back pains, it is very important to exercise regularly, strengthen the back muscles and maintain good posture; especially when sitting for hours at work. Massage therapy can speed your healing and play a valuable part in maintaining optimal health.

The other common reason for people seeking massage therapy is for stress reduction. It is very easy to discount the importance of stress and the adverse impact it can have on our health.

The American Medical Association found that stress is a factor in 75 percent of all illnesses and diseases. Research also suggests stress is implicated in the development of autoimmune disease (where the immune system’s self-regulating function no longer works properly ), and which itself can lead to many other diseases; such as, diabetes, celiac disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, etc.

It is important to see stress as a real threat to our health, to treat it as best we can, and to seek out ways to eliminate the causes in our daily life.

While I’ve only talked about a few major reasons for seeking massage therapy, other massage benefits include –

  • *Stress reduction and increased stamina – energy.
  • *Improved sleep and concentration.
  • *Relieve muscle tension and decrease the tendency to cramp.
  • *Reduce muscle inflammation due to exercise.
  • *Release of endorphins, reduction of pain.
  • *Increased joint flexibility and range of motion.
  • *Positive effects on organs and circulation
  • *Stimulating lymphatic flow and enhancing immunity.